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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do You Believe You Can Make Money Online?

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English: MOL AccessPortal Offical Logo with Tagline Money Online (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Edgar Williams

In our world today, the way we earn money is changing. The idea of having one career is something most of us no longer think about. The need for more control of our lives may be one reason or being laid off could cause a change. Anyway, the desire to generate money online is going up and it could be that you desire to do this or have already set about but you are not getting the success you want. There is a good deal of help out there on the several ways to make money online. The way you think could be the most important factor in really becoming successful online. So let's have a look at the ways you should think to make it online.

In beginning an online venture, you need to know why you are doing it. The motivation to do this is unique for all of us and the clearer vision you have of what you wish to attain, the less complicated it will be to act. It could be that you desire more time with your family or that you are looking to find a way out of a job that you hate. The more intense your desire, the more liable you are to reach your goals. It will not always be easy, so you must find ways to keep your attention to your goals. Many people use a vision board which is simply a board with images of things you want to achieve attached to it. Now matter how you do it, try to keep those goals in your mind daily.

Being focused is the next thing we will examine now. Being your own boss and answering to no one sounds great. It does come with its own challenges and the fact that no one is ordering you what to do means that you should have self-motivation. The one thing that many novices do is they try to get to know too much right away and move from one idea to another. This is easy to do as there are thousands of people online who want you to see their newest product or idea. Try to prioritize what you do to make certain you are making progress and completing the tasks you should get done. It is way too easy for the day to have passed and discover you have really accomplished nothing.

The goal really is to search for long-lasting success. Understandably, the idea of instant money is tempting but you must also focus on the long term. The greatest way for this to occur is to build long-lasting relationships with people who become regular buyers. Customers are people, so if you have a mailing list, you need to bear in mind that you are not merely communicating with a name. If you help a person achieve their aspirations and goals, there is a good chance you will also achieve yours. This is easily disregarded and something you should try to do.

If you are able to start out with the right mindset and start taking focused action, you can reach your goals online.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

8 Biggest Mistakes Malaysians Do and Lose Money

Malaysia Meetup 2010/05
Malaysia Meetup 2010/05 (Photo credit: Danny Choo)
1. Change mobile phones every month.

Yes, this is the most common. Do you know that these gadgets can last long? I used my Nokia 3315 that I bought at the price of RM300 for 4 years+. Malaysians love to change their mobile phones. Just because the latest phone is the hippiest thing around town does not give you the reason to get one. One way to curb this painfully money wasting habit is by buying a phone that does everything you need. Buy that only one phone and use it till it is unusable anymore. Then you have your go to buy a new one.

2. Dine out.

Malaysia has lots of food to offer. That is undeniable. From the mamaks/pasar malam/stalls by the roadside to all those restaurants scattered everywhere you can happily eat everything when you have money, thus there lies the problem. You just can't stop yourselves. What to do?
I can suggest having meals before you go out (breakfast/lunch/dinner) so that you wouldn't have any reason to stop by at all those places. Always have a bottle of drinking water in your car so that you would not stop to buy water or anything outside. If you're living by yourselves and been dining out all this while, try cooking for yourselves. Make it as a hobby first, something that you do twice a week. Once you get better, maybe you could even cook everyday and wouldn't be spending much eating out.
Dining out once a while in a month is okay, but if everyday, well there are lots of money can be saved there.

3. Phone bills and prepaids.

I've saved around RM200 for not using my mobile phone for the last 2 months. Amazing right? You can do it too. Think again, why do you really need mobile phones for when you are already paying for the freakin' internet already? Since I'm spending most of my time in front of the computer, I don't really need my mobile phone because everybody that I need to contact has an internet connection. Heck, I even lost my sim card already.
Prepaid vs postpaid? If you really want to save and use less, then go for prepaid. Then try to top up the smallest amount possible and try to utilize it the longest period of time. There are others out the who doesn't really care spending money on their phone bills, so let them.

4. Mp3 players.

I don't get it why some people who already have a mobile phone that can play songs still buy an Mp3 player. What's your point? Buy something you need, not something you already have.

5. Drive around too much.

Do you know that it takes a lot of petrol to get the car engine started? Multiply it by how many short distance places you go back and fourth and surely you'll get less total mileage per litre than what you should've get. Try walking. I know, most of you are already too spoiled to walk to the nearby grocery.

6. Malaysians smoke a lot!

Hah! Let's see in Malaysia 1 pack of 20 is around RM10. Let's say that could last a week. Means a month is 4 packs and a year is 48 packs, equivalent to RM 480. To all hot girls out there, a guy who smokes a lot is a deal-breaker.
FYI, I don't.

7. Malaysians love to go to shopping malls.

It is a culture here in Malaysia to go to the mall, to hangout, watch movies etc. They go to the mall at least once a week for most people, and probably everyday for those who live nearby shopping malls. Almost everything is there and everything costs money, right from the first step out of your house.
Solution? Simple. Stay at home, watch TV. Remember you have already paid cable subscriptions (Astro) and the awfully expansive broadband internet. Use it. Download movies rather than watching them at the cinema. Then in the evening, go out jogging around the park or your housing area. By doing all these, you have saved money from paying for petrol, toll charges (where applies), parking charges, eating out, drinks, snacks, etc. The lesser you go out, the more money you will save.

8. Malaysians love to shop.

The retail industry knew this all along. That's why they organize super-jumbo-mega sales at least twice a year so to encourage Malaysians to spend their money. This is the time when people will buy most of the things that they never need. At this period, I'm sure most people do at least 3 mistakes that I have mentioned in this article.

One advice, it is okay to shop but only shop for what you need.
Author is a Malaysian student studying in Russia. Article is originally posted at blog.ariff.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Effective Telephone Selling Techniques

TelephoneTelephone (Photo credit: plenty.r.)
By Anita Pierce

We are going to examine some effective telephone selling methods that may result in a great deal more business for you. You can decide to implement these your self or to permit a prospecting firm to do this for you. The benefit of a prospecting firm is quite simple. You are able to allow experts to use their already implemented telephone promoting methods on your behalf.

Be sure to not sound like a salesperson. There is absolutely nothing that turns off most people quicker than somebody who sounds like a salesperson. You merely want to come across as a person thinking about solving a problem for your prospect. It's not about how your item functions but how you are able to best demonstrate that you can solve the prospect's issue.

The next key to good telephone selling methods is to comprehend who you're talking to. If I try to sell you on why you'll need an airplane but you hate to fly, I will have no good results. This is vital in which you need to do your market study ahead of time. This may make sure that when your prospect asks a question you had been not expecting, you'll be on your game.

An additional powerful telephone technique is to have a brief message. Your prospects frequently do not have the time to sit and wait for you to talk their ear off. It's not important what you have to say but rather in how you ask questions to ensure that the prospect is answering. Your message is very important. Maintain it short so that you can hold the prospects' attention.

Be organized. Your internal feeling will adhere to you onto the phone and absolutely nothing can shatter confidence quicker than a cluttered workspace. Becoming organized enables you to simply focus on the job at hand with any info required close to your fingertips. You'll find which you are more at ease and this can lead to greater good results more than the telephone.

All of these telephone selling methods will help you in having much more good results when operating over the phone to locate more clients. You can not merely choose up the phone and start calling but need to figure out what you are going to say. That's why utilizing these various methods can assist you to leverage your time and effort to have greater success. You're respecting your time and energy. Hopefully this assists you to greater good results.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Tips For Success In Network Marketing

Creating lifelong customer value with your aff...Creating lifelong customer value with your affiliate marketing business. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By John Jones

In reality, it is not difficult at all to understand network marketing after you have familiarized yourself with some of the basic concepts. The tips presented here will set you on your way in the lucrative area of network marketing.

Have a narrow focus on your goals and work towards long-term results daily. Although your professional "big picture" may extend in scope across many years, you should nonetheless evaluate your current marketing activities at least every 3 months. By reviewing your performance regularly and setting interim goals, you can keep your marketing efforts in line with your long-term plan.

Focusing on what your customers need is as important as finding new leads in network marketing. If the customer is not satisfied, you're out of business. Spend 80% of your time listening to your customers and only 20% talking to them.

Try organizing your website as a teaching resource. Lessons and how-to articles are a great way to attract more visitors and ensure that they spend more time on your site. You'll be able to raise your ad revenues, and you'll also be able to recruit new people for your network.

Use the products yourself. It is unwise to support a product that you, yourself, do not use. When people see that you are using the products that you are marketing, they will be more likely to come to you rather than you having to go out of the way trying to reach them. By utilizing the product for yourself, you will also gain invaluable knowledge regarding its strengths and weaknesses.

Experts recommend an emergency savings fund be equal to nine times your monthly expenses. Using network marketing, you can earn this money and much more.

In there is one thing that never fails to draw people in, it is a great deal! Keep your eyes out for those gems that offer special coupons or raffle tickets that you can distribute to your customers. Coupons are versatile; you can use them to reward your most loyal customers or as prizes for games that can draw in customers. People will show greater interest in your product if they can get it at a bargain rate.

Market the hardest with people you do not know since this will bring new funds to you. The goal of network marketing can be summed up in two words: new leads. Your family and friends are limited in number and patience, so you can't rely on them too much. Reaching out to clients outside of your inner circle can really open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Allow your networking clients to take control of the conversation. If you gather a lot of information about your contacts through social media, or other info gathering places, you will have a much easier time promoting your products. This offers insight into their wants and needs, which makes you more capable of marketing to them.

A way that large corporations actually find their own audience is through you and your network; take this into consideration. Use these tips to become a successful network marketer.

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